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learning to kayak and stand up paddle board
I'd Rather Be Kayaking Indian Rocks Beach
ID Rather be kayaking

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Oh Yes! The Manatees are passing thru, and soon Manatee season is here. I always love the manatees. Not easy, they are endangered and fewer then 8,000 remain. No guarantees, but if anyone can find a manatee I am your guy. My Trip to where I go is $575. for the full day adventure up to 6 persons. Round trip van transportation - every thing included. Dec 1st to end of March.

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       I started in the kayak tour business in July 2017. When the Beach Walk Inn I managed for several years was sold and demolished for the all new Hilton coming to Clearwater Beach. I have spent decades exploring our local waterways & all over Florida by kayak. Always looking for something new. A great way to film wildlife - another passion. It is here I find my peace. Friends asked what are you going to do now? Have fun and go kayaking!   "You should start a Kayak Company"  they said. So I did. 


        Understand this is for my fun and enjoyment. I run the company, I don't allow the company to run me. I have seen 100s of manatees, gators, monkeys and more in my life time. I can go kayaking myself just fine. However it is nice to share my favorite places with others. Off the beaten path. Places you never knew existed.  My joy comes from seeing the look on your kids face when they encounter their first manatee and sharing in their excitement. That's why I do this. Kayaking 200 - 250 days out of the year also keeps me fit and healthy. Sunshine & fresh air. I keep things simple and stress free. The whole point here is to

Have fun.

            If I am going to do anything, I only know one way to do it. Do it right.  I broke all the rules of your typical kayak tour/ rental place. Profit was not my motivation. I developed and innovated fresh ideas, creating a 1st class service for our 1st class visitors. I started at the Clearwater Beach Marina. 1 week after opening the City decided they did not want me launching my kayaks from the marina because of the liability to the City with all the other boat traffic, Jet-Skis etc. Coming in and out of the marina. Necessity is the mother of invention. With no other suitable location. This is when I got the idea to get a van. I became mobile. Picking up tourist families right in front of their hotel or vacation rental. Customers loved the service! Plus I was no longer stuck in a single location, I could go anywhere. Dumb Luck. Never give up!

           When you become #1 Kayak Tour Guide from Americas #1 beach. You become the target of  all these SEO experts. Competitors whom pay $100's of dollars to knock you down so their client moves up the Google search results. It's apparently easier to steal others business then build your own.  To further your Understanding, See ; WHY NO GOOGLE?    It is kind of like having a private unlisted phone number. I don't need Googles. I have a strong repeat clientele and most of my business comes from the VRBO cottage rentals owners referring me.


    I work by advance reservation. But if I am booked up, or have escaped to North Georgia mountains for some white water fun.  I will happily refer you to one of my kayak pals that run honest operations. Sometimes people don't like my answers, but with me you will get the truth. Yes, the hammerhead sharks are mating this time of year.  Not safe for the kids. If they fell over and start splashing, may not turn out too good. NO, all the manatees are out in the Gulf somewhere. Can we bring a case of beer? No. Are there gators? Yes.


     Clearwater Beach - Supports and raises funds for Clearwater Marine Aquarium. This IRB location will help support the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary. As time affords I will also expand this website to include all the best IRB has to offer. We all look forward to you all visiting our beautiful beach.


I'd Rather Be Kayaking! 

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