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The origin of the name “Indian Rocks” is shrouded in the mists of time…


Many moons ago, this area was inhabited by the Calusa, Seminole & Timucan Indians. In those days before the bridge, the Indians would jump along the rocks from what is now Largo / Seminole to get to the Gulf Beach.

The more colorful answer lies in the healing legend of the Native American Indian Chief Chic-a-Si.

This legend tells a story that Chief Chic-a-Si was near death from an illness. It was recommended that he be taken to a healing sulfur spring that is now Kolb Park. It was in fact a "healing spring" That spring was capped years ago. Perhaps because of the stinky sulfur odor. 

     Another Spring, known as the Indian Spring is privately owned but still flows out thru Ship Watch Condos near the Indian Springs Marina. Nearly 1 million gallons of spring water bubbling up from deep in the earth flows into the Inter coastal water way here. The manatees know. Even if most humans do not. 

     This area was prime hunting and fishing grounds for these early inhabitants. Today this section of the Intra Coastal waterway is known as "The Narrows" to the north is beautiful Clearwater Bay. So named because of the many springs that give it its clear water. To the South lies Boca Ciega Bay. All of the waters must pass thru this narrow section as the tide changes. It concentrates the fish and other marine life. The many sea birds also know this and will explain why they are plentiful in this area. 

Here also we will also explore the mangroves. A unique salt water tolerant plant. Mangroves are not a tree or a bush. There are red, black, yellow and white mangroves. Very important as a fish nursery for fish of all species. What wild life might we see along our kayaking adventure? Who knows, but we always see something. Often dolphins swim just feet away from our kayaks. The Commorant fishing birds are always fun to watch.

This kayak adventure is subject to weather and tide flows. You do not want to paddle against the flow. But going with the flow makes for an easy paddle. For children or seniors. Yes there is boat traffic thru the narrows, but it is mostly all a no wake zone. The neighbors boating and cutting thru here are mostly courteous to us, as we are for them staying clear of the main channel. Your guide knows the ways & the where is? Having taken 1000's of visitors trust your in good hands. 

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