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Clear Kayaks

clearly suck canoe

More important then the Kayaks offered at IRB Kayaking is the type of canoe we do NOT have. Clear bathtubs. If I was only interested in profit. I would buy this junk from China and require guests share a tandem. Offer only a 2 hour tour at what seems a cheap price. Provide cheap blister causing aluminum paddles. This would make my overhead costs much lower. People don't know - what I know. 


These are unsafe - especially for children in my opinion. No scupper holes to self bail water. Flip in one of these and try to both get back in it. As anything you brought with you is floating away or sinking to the bottom of the bay. If by some feat of super human strength you do. It will have 30 gallons of water in the bottom of it. Have fun getting this slug back to shore to dump it. If you fall for this gimmick ask your tour guide why he is using a real kayak while insisting you share a tandem bathtub. They know exactly what they are doing. Providing you the cheapest worst perfoming "kayak" so they can make the most profit. 

perception kayak logo

#1 Rated - The Best Kids Kayak/ SUP Hybrid by Perception Kayak.
Made in Greenville, SC USA

high five kids kayak by perception
hi-life-11.0 kayak by Perception

Hi Life 11.0

Part Kayak. Part SUP. All Fun.

Pelican Catch Kayak
sentinal kayak by Pelican
pelican logo confluence outdoor
Pelican Sentinel 100X EXO kayak

Nearly all my kayaks are made by Pelican and purchased locally from Water Sports West. Safe sit on top style with some differences to accommodate all ages and fitness levels. If Grandma wants to come along, no problem. I have the "Catch" fishing kayak for her. Chine hull, very stable. You could stand up and cast a line. We can't have Grandma fall in the drink. Then there are the Sentinel models with less stability but improved performance and tracking. These are all proven performers.


I have to balance cost, durability etc. To keep my kayak tour prices fair competing often with the " Clear bathtub " outfits. You & Your kids safety will always be my top priority. Please also consider I provide carbon fiber paddles by Aqua Bound. Not those cheap spray painted black aluminum ones. HOT! to hold, no drip rings, blisters on your hands. Always clean life jackets. No orange bulk pack type with the funk and sweat of last 10 customers. I only offer 1st class service and products for our 1st class visitors. 

Water Sports West is a leading Retailer of the entire Pelican line of kayaks. Steve typically has 200 or more in stock. The demos are available for rental. The best way is to simply stop in at Water Sports West to pick out what you want to rent, based on what is available.

Rentals from Water Sports West are 24 hours up to 1 week. Prices change based upon how many kayaks you want and for how many days. Always the best price! Then if you do not have a way to transport them to your vacation rental - No Problem. I will deliver and pick up for you. Add $30 one time fee for delivery pick up service.

tandem triple kayak pelican
bonafide fishing logo

 Go Kayak Fishing!

     The Bonafide SS107 is the ultimate in "Fish ability"  The Inter - coastal Waterway known locally as the IRB Narrows locally concentrates the fish passing thru here. Even the Indians knew this as a prime fishing hot spot!

      Available for rent at $75. per day, per kayak. Go check it out at Water Sports West. Your Authorized Bonafide Kayak Retailer. You may find you love it so much you want to take it home. If so, rental does apply towards purchase

price. Please note you are responsible to obtain a 3 day visitor fishing

license and provide your own gear and bait. Other models available.

Delivery & Return Pick up add a one time fee of $30

You just never know what you may catch.

But you always will catch something!

SS107 kayak by Bonafide
watersports west logo
commorant fishing bird
aqua bound irb kayaking
Kiteboarding St-Petersburg-Logo-

Ever want to try, or learn Kiteboarding?

Call my buddy Anthony and he will hook you up!

willet bird
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