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Tampa Aerial Media

Video Courtesy of Tampa Aerial Media. Click the speaker thingy for sound. Best viewed Full Screen on Desktop or tablet / ipad. 

Splash Harbour water park logo

Oh Yes kids, Located next to the Holiday Inn Harborside is Splash Harbour Water Park! Some tourists incorrectly assume that it is only for the guests of Holiday Inn. NOT TRUE, you just have your parents purchase admission tickets at the entrance. Click on the logo here to visit their website for all the info. 


Click Here to download the Free IRB Visitors Guide.


Hubbards Marina - Johns Pass, Mad Beach.

Offers Fishing, a nice Dolphin Tour Boat Cruise and more.  

water sports west
island surf shop
blacktop surf shop logo
sunkiss sailing charters

Sunkiss Sailing Charter

IRB Boat Rentals
wet logo
going native golf carts
Smugglers Cove Logo - updated 2022 - red.webp
Nekton surf shop

Bicycle Rentals, Paddle Boards - Website is dead, sorry. 


Plein - Aire Beach Cottage Artists

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