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   Why aren't you on Google?

        Google aggravates me and makes me pull out my hair. I have nice hair, I'm going to keep it. Think of it as an unlisted telephone number.  Google has no concept of customer service. They employ 190,000 people and you can't reach one of them by telephone. Everything is done by texting so they can hide in their little cubicles behind the computer. I hate typing and then waiting a few days to see if I will get a reply. Usually not, a waste of my time.  If I ran my business and customer service like the Googles - I would be out of business!  


        I don't need to constantly monitor and re - verify my Google map marker and business listing because "Someone"  likes to  " Suggest Edit   ( Click for article) in Google maps that I no longer exist. Then without checking some cubicle Google idiot hits their delete key - and POOF! My business listing is gone, along with my contact info, web site link and reviews.  Then I will notice an email in all my spam from Google. Your Biz account has been suspended.  Start over.  We have done this 5 X in two weeks and Google apparently has no way to flag or note my Google My Biz account of these shenanigans. 

       Anyone can get a quick free email account to hide behind. Then post a fairy tale 1 star review to lower your review score. Sure you can flag the review. But the SEO Experts and scammers know how to fool Google and 99% of the time you will get the same canned reply from Google ." Does not violate the terms and conditions"  the damage is done. "Dead fish in our kayaks"  All you can do is reply. What kind of fish? Maybe you should of taken them home and cooked them up like this fake malicious review" Your rating is lower, so their company or client will somehow rank higher.  Its 1000's of dollars and a whole lot of time to stay on top of all this Google crap.  Google wants a broken system in my view.  I decided not to participate in the scam. I'd Rather Be Kayaking!  Why I don't have a Google - nobody can leave a Google review. I don't care. Done. That is my solution. Doesn't my hair look nice?


            Much of my business is repeat families that visit Clearwater Beach - IRB every year.  Or comes by word of mouth from the vacation cottage owners, Holiday Inn and other hotel staff. Not Google search results.

Don't rely on just one search engine. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet, Google has millions of fake 5 Star reviews and somewhere close to an equal number of malicious negative reviews. You can not trust in the validity of Google Reviews.

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