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kodak brownie hawkeye camera

When I was little I bought a Kodak Brownie camera for .88 cents from the neighbors garage sale. Mrs. Cherry wanted $1.00 but .88 cents is all I had. Everything was manual. A roll of film with 12 photos and getting them developed at Foto Mat would cost me an entire weeks allowance from my chores. This is how I learned to take great pictures.

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KODAK PIXPRO WPZ2 Digital Camera

KODAK PIXPRO WPZ2 Digital Camera

KODAK PIXPRO WPZ2 Digital Camera

Yes Kodak is still around and they still make cameras! Here is the one I recommend - Clicky here!

Some competitors and other attractions charge an extra fee, or want to sell you a souvenir photo for $25.00 - $50.00. Not here. Photos are always "free" . You are welcome to bring your own camera gear or use your modern communication device to take pictures. Yes, I am always happy to stop for a "Kodak Moment" and take your photo as a memento of your kayaking adventure.


I respect every ones right to privacy and I never post your photos online on any social media websites, but YOU can. 

In closing, I have toasted $1000's of dollars of Pro Digital SLRs, 3 Chip Video cameras, cell phones and gear in my lifetime. The cost for an expensive hobby. Sand, Salt air, humidity, water all will destroy sensitive electronic components. It is what it is. Please understand your camera, cell phone are used at your risk and responsibility. I will never be held responsible for your devices. If you choose to bring your $1000 iphone kayaking and you tip in and soak your cell phone. Sucks. But don't blame me. I am not paying for the cost to replace it. Thank you for your understanding.

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