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Gentle Giants

Manatees need their peaceful winter resting places. Here we have respect for the endangered Manatees. This is why I avoid the Pontoon Boat Swim with the manatees zoo near 3 Sister Springs, Kings Bay near Crystal River. Too many tourists. I have my other spots which I am not sharing online. I can never guarantee wild animals, of any kind, will magically appear on your kayak adventure. But depending on the time of year, weather conditions that day etc... I am usually successful at finding our own manatees. If I can't locate any, then we can always make a side trip to the known popular manatee sanctuaries such as Homosassa Springs State Park, or TECO Apollo Beach Manatee Viewing Center.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is also finishing up construction of their Manatee Springs Exhibit. We can never disappoint the kids! Simply by booking your family kayak tour with IRB Kayaking you kids are helping the Manatees. If we see a sick or injured manatee then we record the GPS coordinates and I will notify my contact at Clearwater Marine Aquarium so they can assemble the Manatee rescue team to save it. Part of our mission is to be on the lookout for distressed or injured manatees. We are eyes on the move for CMA. Hopefully we don't find a sick or injured manatee, but healthy ones! However, if we do - Clearwater Marine Aquarium will give you a free admission and special Manatee T-Shirt. As a reward. Lets go kayaking with the Manatees !

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