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Indian Rocks Beach Kayaking ~ I'd Rather Be Kayaking

     IRB Kayaking is a mobile kayak tour and rental delivery service that offers the best guided kayak tours in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida & beyond! 

    First class service for our first-class guests. Explore the Narrows Intercoastal waterway islands, marine life, and other nearby destinations with us. Caladesi Island, Shell Key, Honeymoon Island; Archies IslandPineapple Island, Weeki Wachee; Rainbow Springs; and places you never knew existed. KC has been exploring the waterways for decades via kayak. The best little-known destinations are not listed here. Sorry - but to preserve these "special places" we can't have everyone else knowing about them. 


     To enjoy our services, you need to make an advance reservation by contacting KC at  727-238-1960.

Online booking is not available, I tried it. To keep my prices low, and not get things screwed up I will save the commissions paid, and just do it myself. People always have questions anyway. If I am driving, or out with customers ; I probably will not answer my phone. Leave a voice mail and I will call you back at the first opportunity. 

      Local guided kayak tours cost $30.00 per person X number of hours, and everything is included. We also offer a family/group package for a half-day adventure for up to 6 persons at $425.00, and full-day adventures for $575.00. Full day adventures include drive time to destinations such as the Myakka River, Peace River, and other kayaking destinations outside of Pinellas County. 

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 Looking for a fun activity for the whole family? offers the best kayak tours in Indian Rocks Beach that are perfect for families with kids, or Senior couples. Our trips are adjustable based on tides and weather conditions, to be fun and safe. Your guide will also share the local ecology and history, making sure your trip is a learning experience as well. If you want to try something new and experience the beautiful waterways around you, contact us today to reserve your family's spot! We depart our most popular " Narrows" kayak tours directly next to the Holiday Inn Harbor side. 

     We provide quality kayaks to match the age and size of each person. Our kayaks are safe, sit on top style that are stable for guests of all ages.  Carbon fiber paddles that are easy on the hands and top-quality life jackets that are laundered regularly. Every tour includes a cooler of water, sports drinks, and juice.  All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself. Leave all the details to us.


Available Kayaks

     Tandem kayaks are available for 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 to 2 small children.  Our tandem kayaks will seat up to three persons. Weight Capacity 750 pounds.

     Our kids kayaks are the #1 rated kids kayak available. If your child can ride a bicycle without training wheels they can do this and have a fabulous time! We have taught not less then 100 kids how to kayak their first time out. We get much further with positive encouragement, then criticism. What is most important is that the kids are having fun! I know their little arms may not be exerting much energy. This is why we go with the flow. Let the tide and gentle current float them. " I did it Mom! " Our goal is to build their confidence and have such a fun experience, they can't wait to go again.  

      Most of our Kayak fleet consists of Pelican Kayaks which is the parent corporation of  Confluence Outdoor in Greenville, South Carolina. Pelican is the most popular brand in the world, selling over 5 million kayaks last year, for good reason.

  Rental Kayaks 

Our friends at Water Sports West offer the best kayaks at the best rental rates. Ask for the "Coconut Special" and get up to a 25% discount. Bonafide Fishing Kayak normal rental rate is $100. per day, with us it is $75 per day. Rent 3 days and 4th is Free! Do not incorrectly assume that you will pay more by renting through us. Talk to Steve the Owner as his employees can not offer a discounted rate, Only he can sharpen his pencil. Thanks for your understanding.


Water Sports West is a  Factory Authorized Reseller of Pelican & Bonafide Kayaks.  Rental kayaks are minty fresh demos, not some old beat up thing that has seen a better day.  Stop by their "Everything For The Beach"  Surf Shop to pick out your rental. Then if you do not have a way to transport it - no problem. Just ask for our Delivery and Return Pick Up Service to your vacation rental. A one time $30.00 fee. Rentals are 24 hours up to 1 week. Kayak delivery area limited to Indian Shores, Indian Rocks Beach; Belleair Beach; Belleair Shore; Belleair & Largo

Check the Weather Here

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The "Narrows" offers some of the best fishing on Florida's West Coast because the passage concentrates the fish. Even the Indians figured this out long ago. 

Rent the BEST fishing Kayak, Bonafide Fishing  SS-107 These are $75. per day. Rent 3 days and the 4th day is FREE! 

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Ask about other trips to see the real Florida

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Sunset Tours available. The Sun sets a different time each day.   See sunset time then deduct 2 or 3 hours. Glow sticks are not sufficient lighting. No kayaking after dark here.  

Click on Speaker Thingy for sound - Best viewed Full Screen - Enjoy!

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         Welcome to Beautiful Indian Rocks Beach!

        Be sure to visit More Fun , Accomodations  and Restaurants 

Coconut Kayak Tours Logo is simply a website for our Indian Rocks Beach Customers. The Coconut Kayak Tours Company is the website for Clearwater Beach. Fact is KC is the #1 Kayak Tour Guide from Americas #1 Beach. 

An unethical nameless competitor thought he would "suggest edit" in Google Maps my IRB Map Marker . Suggesting to Google I was out of business and no longer existed. Poof! All my 5 star reviews, website link, telephone ect. was deleted. Since I had to start over from scratch - I decided to just make a separate website for Indian Rocks Beach.  Please disregard the malicious fairytale 1 star reviews fabricated to lower my rating and therefore my ranking in Google search results. 

Please don't bother leaving me 5 star reviews. This only provides incentive for unscrupulous competitors and SEO experts to lower your rating & ranking so they move up the Google search results.  You can buy 100's of fake fluff 5 star reviews for as little as 87 cents each. You can easily have friends and family write fairytale 1 star reviews against your competitors. Sadly, this is what goes on. Google has a 95% monopoly on search. They have no incentive to fix their broken review system. Do not believe everything you read on this Internets. Thank you for your understanding. 

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